Arm Lift

In recent times, India has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations among medical tourists looking for affordable yet excellent plastic surgery procedures. also, the scenic beauty and unparallel hospitality make the entire treatment stay a great vacation experience. Of all plastic surgery procedures, Arm Lift has caught the attention of many foreigners. The cost of the arm lift surgery in India is much less in comparison to other western nations.

Arm Lift – What is it?

Medically known as Brachioplasty, arm lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which the excess fat deposits and skin from the arms is removed. It corrects the imperfections of the upper arms when an individual is not pleased with the physical appearance of the arms. The reasons to undergo an arm lift could be many including the following:

  • Tenacious fat deposits that do not go away even with regular exercise and diet
  • Extreme weight loss causing loose and sagging skin
  • Simply for the desire to have toned and better arms
  • Stretched and sagged skin because of age
  • When sagging arms trigger unhygienic conditions and discomfort for the functioning of the normal work and activities.

Treatment Options

Liposuction – It can be an option for excess fat in arms however with the elastic skin that can shrink back to its original form. It can be added procedure with the normal arm lift.

Standard Arm Lift – The standard surgical procedure removes the excess skin and fat from the elbows to the armpit completely.

Minimal Incision Brachioplasty – This is an ideal procedure for those who have a moderate amount of sagging skin and less fat to be removed. Fat deposits can be eliminated through liposuction method. The excess skin is removed by the surgeon and tucked under the armpit where the scar lies inconspicuously.

Extended Arm Lift – The procedure is similar to the standard process, however, removes excess fat and skin from the armpit and the side of the chest wall as well as with normal skin and fat.

The Procedure

The entire duration of the surgery lies between one and two hours. The procedure varies slightly on the basis of the type you have chosen. However, liposuction, standard, minimal incision, and extended arm lift al follow the basic steps.

Anaesthesia, incisions and tissue removal

Prior to undergoing the surgery, the surgeon would administer sedation. The type of anesthesia to be administered depend on your surgeon’s recommendation, health needs, and personal preferences. Usually, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Although you would technically be conscious, you will not be aware of what is happening. When the effect of the medication wears off, you will not remember anything about the procedure.

When you are sedated, your cosmetic surgeon would mark the areas where the incisions have to be made. While making incisions, the surgeon will be careful so that the scars are discreet. Then the excess skin, fat, and tissues would be trimmed. Even liposuction might be performed for eliminating displaced or extra fat cells.


After the surgery, you can expect some soreness and inflammation. These can be relieved with the pain relief medications. To decrease swelling, you should sleep and sit with your arms elevated. Make sure you clean your surgical drains and change your bandages as advised by the surgeon. However, start taking shower as soon as your drains are removed. Do pat dry your incisions prior to replacing bandages.


The results of the arm lift surgery are excellent. They are visible right after the procedure. however, only when swelling is gone that you can see the best results. This might take two to three months. You will notice that your arms appear more toned and slimmer. If you are able to maintain a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle, the results of the Brachioplasty could last for the lifetime. However, your skin will lose elasticity and sag with age.

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