Body Implant

Body Implant

Having a toned and attractive body is a dream synonymous with each one of us. Despite following a strict diet and exercise routine, you are not able to achieve an hourly glass figure. This is exactly where a body implant surgery can help you. Body implants are used in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures for shaping and changing the appearance of specific body parts, particularly the bicep, chest, buttocks, and calf.

Body implants are made of a semi-solid, rubberized and firm silicone material that fits perfectly in front of the bones without getting absorbed by the body. The implant material is approved by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, and thus is considered safe. Implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

What is the Body Implant procedure?

The body implant surgery is performed by a board-certified, experienced and well-trained plastic surgeon. The surgery can occur in the doctor’s facility or hospital. The entire duration of the procedure lasts for nearly two to three hours. The procedure is done under general anesthesia or twilight sedation. The implants commonly used are tricep, bicep, buttocks, cheek, chin, breast and calf implants. Other types of body implants include forearm muscle, shoulder muscle, thigh, abdominal muscle, and wrist implants. Some people also prefer opting for more than one type of implants to get the best results.

Some of the most commonly performed types of body implants are:

Buttock Implant

During the buttock implants procedure, an incision up to three inches long is done. It will be done at the midline of the buttocks. The surgeon would create a pocket for fitting the implant in and insert it through the incision. The implant is placed within a soft tissue part of the fat and muscle. This area would form scar tissue for helping in keeping the implant in place. Dissolvable stitches are placed in the incision area. A bandage is applied for reducing the discomfort and swelling. In most cases, a patient can return within three or four hours of the procedure.

Breast Implant Surgery

It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures among women. The breast implant procedure can help you get the breasts you have always longed for. Whether you have sagging breasts because of aging or weight loss or just want to have fuller and larger breasts, this body implant procedure is the option that lets you achieve breasts you have always craved for.

Chin Implant Surgery

This aesthetic surgery procedure benefits both women and men who have weak chin structures. In this cosmetic surgery procedure, the surgeon reshapes the chin either by a reduction surgery on the bone or enhancement with an implant. Sometimes, a surgeon might recommend chin surgery to patients having nose surgery to achieve facial proportions as the size of the chin might minimize or magnify the perceived nose size. Chin implant surgery helps in providing a harmonious balance to your facial features so that you can look attractive.

Cheek Implant Surgery

The cosmetic surgery procedure aims at giving a more youthful look. Those who have sagging or hollow cheeks often look much older than their actual age. By undergoing this cosmetic procedure, you can achieve youthful and attractive contours. Cheek implants add contour to cheeks that lack definition. Those who have a flat or narrow face. Weak cheek structure, or who have lost cheek contour because of the effects of aging can benefit from this aesthetic enhancement procedure. The simplicity of this procedure has made it highly popular among many people.

Calf Implant

During the calf implant surgery, an incision would be made in the natural crease line behind the knee. It is through this incision that the surgeon would insert the implant and place it in a carefully created pocket. The implant would be placed on the outside or the upper side of the leg, or both, within a soft tissue area of fat and muscle. Scar tissue would form in this part to help keep the calf implant from migrating.

If you are considering undergoing body implant surgery then we can help you. We are working in close association with the leading cosmetic surgeons of India. You can be assured to get the best results of the body implant procedure at the affordable cost.

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