Breast Lift surgery in India

Breast Lift Surgery in India

Medically known as Mastopexy, Breast Lift in India with Medtours4health is performed at the best plastic surgery hospitals known for offering the finest facilities and best pre and post-surgery care to international patients without compromising on comfort, confidentiality and privacy. When it comes to plastic surgery procedures like Breast Lift, India is one country that provides the best treatment at cost-effective price. The world-class care along with round the clock assistance ensures you get the best results.

What does Mastopexy do?

The plastic surgery procedure aims at lifting hanging breasts. Factors such as gravity, breastfeeding and age can have an adverse effect on your bosoms. Have a look at your breasts – ideally the nipple should be located at the similar level as the fold where the body and the breast are aligned. All women have diverse characteristics however is there is an excessive deviation from this norm then think of undergoing a breast lift surgery. The surgery reduces the areola size in case it is excessively large. Also, it corrects and improves pre-existing asymmetries between both breasts. It can be performed along with an implant procedure if a patient wants to enlarge the breast size.

What the procedure will NOT do?

It will not itself enhance the size of a woman’s breast. if lack of volume is the only problem then breast implants might be the right option for you. Even though the results of breast lift would make your body more harmonious and attractive, and improve your self-confidence and esteem, it will not make you appear perfect. It is important to have a realistic approach and positive attitude and acceptance that perfection is hard to achieve.

How is Mastopexy done?

When you consult a plastic surgeon, he or she would guide and help you understand the entire procedure and what all it takes to prepare for the surgery.


It can be performed under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation. The surgeon decides the approach on the basis of patient’s full body examination.

Surgery Duration

The surgical procedure lasts for two to three hours, as per the complexity of the case.

What does breast lift procedure consist of?

If the correction needed to be done is minor, it can be done by creating circual incision around each one of the areolas. In case the areola is large, the incision might be made inside its outline for removing the part that is nearest to the edge. It is followed by another circular incision around the first one. This incision can be either concentric or might a bit farther up if the nipple and areola have to be placed higher. The resulting “ring” of the skin between the two incisions is removed and edges are sutured. If greater correction is needed, it might be necessary for complementing the per-areolar incisions with a vertical one right beneath each one of them.


Usually, you have to spend two to three days at the hospital after a breast lift surgery. You would experience swelling, discomfort and pain along with bruising in the breasts for a few days after the procedure. You can start routine activities in nearly ten to fifteen days. Make sure that you do not indulge in rigorous activities such as lifting, sports and gym or anything heavy that can cause pressure or strain on the surgical site for at least five to eight weeks. You have to wear a special bra for a few weeks followed by the surgery.


The procedure gives attractive, perkier and fuller breasts that sits at the right position. Most women who have undergone this surgery are happy and satisfied with the surgery.

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