Breast Reduction surgery in India

Breast Reduction Surgery in India

The plastic surgery procedure that aims at reducing the size of large breasts so as to bring them in proportion with the remaining body while retaining the functional abilities of normal and natural breasts is called Breast Reduction. Medically known as Reduction Mammoplasty, the surgery makes the breasts firmer and lighter.

The surgery works on three levels – aesthetic, psychological and physical. A patient is able to live a better life after the surgery without feeling embarrassed about the appearance of the overly large sized breasts.

Reasons for undergoing the procedure

Breast macromastia or hypertrophy is the primary cause of undergoing breast reduction surgery. Listed below are other reasons for women to undergo breast reduction procedure:

  • Sometimes one breast is larger in comparison to the other
  • Excessively large breasts for the body frame makes poor posture
  • Heavy breasts make the areolas and nipples point downwards
  • Heavy breasts triggering shoulder and back pain
  • Overtly large and heavy disproportionate breasts might make a woman unhappy and conscious with her appearance
  • Skin irritation and infections under the breast fold.


The surgery is performed under general anesthesia for a painless and comfortable procedure. The surgeon makes the incision for reducing the breast size by removing excess fat, skin and glandular tissue followed by a repositioning of the nipple that gives a breast youthful look. Then the excess breast tissue is removed and reformed. The areola is reduced or repositioned if required retaining the nerve and blood supply. This helps in giving a breast an uplifted look. The surgeon then closes the incision with sutures.

The areola-nipple complex remains attached to the blood vessels and nerves. But, in case of excessively heavy and large breasts, the areola-nipple complex is removed and grafted to a higher position.

Surgical Methods

Anchor Pattern Incision

It is the basic and most commonly performed method because the maximum reduction is possible with this method. The only disadvantage is that is an invasive technique. In this technique, the incisions run horizontally under the crease of the breast the continuing vertically to the nipple and around the nipple creating an anchor like pattern.

Vertical Incision

This method leads to less scarring while creating more curvaceous and attractive breasts. However, it is an ideal choice for moderate breast reduction. It is also known as short scar reduction and LeJour breast reduction. This incision runs around the areola and continues downwards vertically to the crease of the breast.

Liposuction breast reduction

In this method, excess fat deposits are removed from the breasts as fat tissue content is much more in comparison to glandular tissue. The skin regains a natural look over the period of time and the ability to breastfeed or the sensation of the nipple is not compromised.


It is completely normal to experience severe to moderate pain for one or two days after the surgery. It can be controlled with the medications. The surgeon would remove the dressing in about two to four days. Stitches might be removed after a week or ten days, depending on the condition. You can resume normal and non-strenuous activities within a week while resuming strenuous activities might take six to eight weeks.

Expected results

In most cases, women are pleased and satisfied with the result of breast reduction surgery. Some women find that the procedure provides relief from chronic shoulder, back and neck pain. The main advantage of the surgery is functional, however, you also get a breast lift that improves your body image, enhances the overall appearance and boosts self-confidence.

Cost and time

The cost of breast reduction surgery depends on several factors, and it is only after the initial consultations that a surgeon can give you a cost. You might have to stay at the hospital for two to three days followed by the surgery or as recommended by the surgeon. The stitches will be removed a week after the surgery. You have to be in India for at least fifteen to twenty days for the breast reduction surgery.

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