It is often that the forehead and the eyes are the first facial features to show the signs of ageing. Wrinkles, the heaviness of the eyebrows and frown lines together contribute to make you appear much older than your current age. Some people also have ‘worry line’ or deep lines on their forehead that portray unintended emotions.

The brow lift is one of the most sought after plastic surgery procedures performed to enhance your facial appearance. It turns back the clock by taking years away from it. It removes the lines depicting unintended emotions and elevates the drooping eyebrows giving your face a fresh and youthful appearance. The surgical procedure target wrinkles and loose skin on the forehead and thus is also known as the upper facelift. the brow lift plastic surgery procedure lasts for nearly four to five hours and is performed either general anaesthesia or under local anaesthesia with mild sedation.

What does the surgery do?

The surgery helps in removing wrinkles from the forehead that appear because of the ageing process or because of repeated muscular contraction. It raises your eyebrows giving you refreshed look. The arch of the eyebrows might be altered in order to, for instance, give them a more feminine and youthful appearance. Brow suspension procedure has a preventive effect if done while the person is still young. In this procedure, special threads are introduced below the skin for producing fibrosis in the subdermal tissues. The fibrosis and threads create a structure that sustains the tissues of the area delaying the appearance of flaccidity. When performed in conjunction with neck lift surgery, eyelift surgery and facelift procedure, it can transform your overall facial appearance.

What does surgery not do?

Though it is said that the brow lift might tighten the upper eyelids, it does not help in correcting hanging eyelids or correcting lax. If this is the problem you want to get rid of, Eyelid surgery is the right option for you. It does not help in getting rid of crow’s feet.


The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia and complementary sedation.

Duration of the procedure

The entire duration of the surgery lasts between sixty and ninety minutes.


In this procedure, the incision is made above the ears at the top of the scalp concealed in an inconspicuous area or hair if the hair loss or hairline receding is a problem with a patient. Then the plastic surgeon removes, changes and re-drapes the skin after removing underlying extra muscles and fat. This leads to an elevated eyebrow and a smooth forehead. Also, the eye appears more awake and open. The approach for performing endoscopic brow lift includes making four to five incisions in the hairline and changing and re-draping the skin of the forehead for eliminating the lines and wrinkles on the forehead.


You can return to the normal routine activities in about a week or ten days after the surgery. Make sure that you do not get involved in any strenuous activities and work for at least eight to ten weeks after the brow lift surgery.

Expected Results

The results of the brow lift procedure outstanding. They give your face a fresh and rejuvenated appearance. You would appear much relaxed and younger. The new arch of the eyebrows on your smooth forehead would enhance your facial appearance.

Time and Cost

In most cases, a patient has to stay at the hospital for a day or two. The surgeon would remove the sutures after a week. Cost the brow lift surgery depends on several factors such as the facility where the surgery will be done, the experience of the surgeon, type and approach for the brow lift, to name a few. It is through our association with some of the reputed and renowned plastic surgeons in India we provide you with the best consultation.

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