Buttock Lift

Buttock Lift

Medically known as Gluteoplasty, a buttock lift is a plastic surgery procedure for improving the appearance of a butt. Excess fat and skin consequential to hereditary factors, aging and significant weight loss can be improved with a buttock lift surgery. Make sure that the procedure is not confused with a ‘Brazilian butt lift’ that aims at adding volume using fat transfer while in buttock lift, only skin and fat is removed through liposuction and surgical excision. Thousands of people undergo this procedure and are happy and pleased with the results.

Indication for a buttock lift

  • If excess skin and fat deposits hamper your mobility or make you uncomfortable
  • If you have extra fat, loose and sagging skin in your buttocks
  • If your gluteal part makes you feel low on confidence and self-conscious
  • If you have experienced significant weight loss and are close to the ideal body weight
  • If you feel uncomfortable wearing some types of clothes

How is buttock lift surgery done?

If you are considering undergoing this procedure then you should know how is it done. There are several approaches and methods to perform it, however, generally:

  • The plastic surgeon would make an incision at the top of the butts, in the groin, hip, or under the butt cheeks for removing excess fat and skin and pull the skin taut.
  • Liposuction might also be included for further contouring the thighs or buttock region for achieving a balanced appearance.
  • Incisions are sutured and closed in layers to make sure that the skin remains tight.
  • Dressings and drains are placed and a griddle or compression garment is worn for reducing swelling and tightening the skin.

What are the available options?

Based on your skin quality, how much excess skin or fat has to be removed, and the shape of your body, the surgeon would determine what all options are available to you. In case a large amount of skin has to be removed, you can also consider undergoing a lower body lift that would help in removing the skin around other body parts, including the hips, thighs, and buttocks. If removal of the skin would cause loss of volume to the butt then a buttock augmentation might be an ideal option following a buttock lift.

What and how buttock lift scars and incisions appear or be like?

When it comes to incisions consequential to a buttock lift, you can expect a large incision on the top of the butts, in the back or hidden below the buttock crease. If liposuction is also done, there would be small scars that are unnoticeable and fade away.

What to expect after the buttock lift procedure?

After the procedure, dressing is applied along the part that is sutured. The surgeon also places the drain tubes temporarily under the skin for draining any excess blood and fluid. You would be advised to walk the next day of the procedure. You might have to stay in the hospital for a day or two. You have to wear customized compression garments for a few months to reduce swelling and avoid the possibility of developing hematomas. Sutures would be removed two weeks after the procedure.

As far as the results of the buttock lift are considered, they are almost instant. However, it might take nearly three to six months for the final results to be visible. You might have to stay at home for three to four weeks. You can return to normal exercises and activities between the fourth and sixth weeks. Once the bruising and swelling subsides and scars settle, you would be pleased and satisfied with the new look of your buttocks. There is an additional advantage – improvement of the irregular and dimpled skin appearance.

At Medtours4health, we help you get connected to the best cosmetic surgeon who has experience and training in performing buttock lift surgery. Right from the initial consultation, you will be advised to prepare for the procedure.

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