Dental Crowns

A smile speaks volumes about your personality. Having a dazzling white smile can give you an edge over others. A dental crown is a dental restoration that when cemented into a place that lies at and above the gum line. Dental crowns cover the entire visible aspect of a tooth. In recent years, India has emerged as one of the most popular countries among those seeking dental crowns treatment. The world of cosmetic dentistry has evolved and dental crowns have brought a revolution in this field. People who dream to have a perfect smile are the right candidate for this procedure.

Dental crowns are one of the most sought-after cosmetic dentistry procedures among those who wish to have an attractive and healthy smile. The procedure is done at dental hospitals and facilities. The centers are well-equipped with the most advanced equipment and amenities needed to perform the dental crown procedure. We are working in close association with some of the renowned and leading Cosmo dentists who have expertise in performing a range of dental procedures. No matter what kind of dental treatment you are looking for, you can be assured to get the best results in India.

Dental crowns are the caps placed over a tooth and cemented right there with a dental adhesive. They function as a protective cover for fractured teeth or badly decayed teeth and a permanent repair solution for teeth with large fillings. The dental surgeons working with us provide customized dental solutions according to the patient’s satisfaction and needs. Dental Crown – What is it?

A dental crown is similar to a tooth-shaped ‘cap’ placed over a tooth – covering the tooth for restoring its strength, size, and shape, improve its appearance. When crowns are cemented into the place, they completely encase and the visible part of a tooth that lies above and at the gum line. They are bonded to the tooth making use of dental cement. Crowns are made of many materials that are fabricated using indirect techniques.

Reasons for opting for Dental Crown

There are several reasons for which a dentist might recommend the placement of a dental crown. However, in general, most of these reasons would belong to one of the following basic categories:

  • To enhance the cosmetic appearance of a tooth
  • For strengthening a tooth
  • For restoring a tooth to its original shape

The material of which crown can be made of:

  • Gold or metal alloys
  • Porcelain or some other ceramic material
  • Combination of both

Crowns can be made out of:

  • porcelain (or some other ceramic material
  • gold (or metal alloys)
  • combination of both

The material used for the crown is decided by the dentist and the patient

Who is the ideal candidate for Dental Crown?

An ideal candidate for a dental crown treatment is the person who has the desire to correct damaged or decayed teeth. Teeth that are decayed, chipped or cracked can benefit from dental crowns. The dentist of a patient might determine that dental crowns are required to help in other dental procedures like covering a dental implant or a dental bridge. Along with the physical characteristics required for the procedure, an ideal candidate should have a complete understanding of the procedure, recovery, and results. A patient should be prepared to visit the dentist for at least two to three times depending on the damage and other oral health problem. Many dental surgeons want to correct other oral or dental health problems before completing the dental crown's treatment.


The results of the dental crowns are very good, however, the unique success with this procedure entirely depends on the severity of your tooth’s damage or decay, the experience and expertise of your dentist, and the material chosen for the crown. Most dental crowns are extremely durable and last several years provided proper care is taken.

There are several aesthetic and functional benefits associated with dental crowns treatment. The dental surgeon would explain the entire procedure along with its risks and benefits. All you have to do is get in touch with us, rest we will take care. We make sure that your stay in India is comfortable. You can get the best treatment at affordable cost by choosing a dental surgeon through Medtours4health.

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