Dental Implants

Attractive white teeth pave way for a healthy smile. Having missing teeth not affect the functionality of your mouth but also your otherwise charming smile. The best treatment for the problem is Dental Implants. It has changed the world of cosmetic dentistry benefitting millions of people across the globe. If you are thinking of undergoing dental implants in India, we can help you. We are Medtours4health helping you get connected with the best cosmetic dentist in New Delhi, India. You can be assured to get the best dental treatment at a reasonable cost.

A dental implant can be defined as a titanium post, similar to a tooth root, which is surgically placed into the jawbone below the gum line allowing the dentist to mount replacement teeth or/ and bridge into that area. It does not come loose like dentures. Also, dental implants are beneficial for oral health because are not anchored to other teeth, such as bridges.

Dental implants are just the perfect treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. No doubt that has been a revolution and changed the face of dentistry spanning over the twenty-five years. It is the natural look of implants that further add to their popularity. Implants function, feel and look like natural teeth thus offering the long-lasting and realistic solution for the restoration and functionality of your smile.

What are the results of missing teeth?

  • Missing teeth make your face wrinkled and older with sunken cheeks because sagging muscles cannot support your cheeks and lips.
  • Adjacent teeth might tilt into the space left by missing tooth thus creating improper bite.
  • Speech problems often occur because of the gap created when teeth are lost.
  • Pain in the jaw or facial muscle can be consequential to an improper bite caused by the absence of teeth.
  • Plaque accumulation and food entrapment might cause a gap leading to gum disease and decay.
  • People are extremely conscious about their looks and thus do not smile at public gatherings.
  • Missing teeth triggers chewing difficulty as your lower and upper jaw might not come properly.
  • The worst consequence of missing teeth is low self-esteem.

Why Dental Implants?

As mentioned above, dental implants are the ideal treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. They have changed the face of the dentistry world in the last twenty-five years.

Made of titanium, the same material that NASA uses makes implant strong and light.

Implants function, feel and look like natural teeth. And thus, they are the most long-lasting and realistic solution for restoring the functionality of your smile.

Implants are positioned in the jaw, and a crown is placed on the top giving the appearance of a natural tooth. These are an ideal solution for people of all age groups. With nearly ninety-eight percent success rate, dental patients are completely assured about the well-being of their gum and teeth.


There are three parts to the implant:

  • Dental Implant – The first part, a post which replaces the missing tooth root
  • Abutment – Second step – A connector that joins the dental implant to replacement teeth
  • Crown – Third part – A tooth
  • Make sure that you discuss everything in detail with the dental surgeon. During the initial consultation, tests and examinations would be conducted for devising a treatment plan for the dental implant. When it comes to dental implants treatment, there are several stages involved.

  • A tapered or cylindrical titanium post is placed in the jawbone surgically
  • Osseo-integration aids the natural bone and implant to join, establishing a durable and firm replacement for missing teeth during the process of healing.
  • An abutment is placed on the dental implant that acts as a connection between the crown portion and implant.


The minimal pain and discomfort that a patient feels can be controlled with pain killers. Antibiotics are prescribed by the dental surgeon for preventing infections after the procedure. An intake of soft food is recommended for a few days after the procedure. make sure you adhere to a proper cleaning regime. Recovery is hassle-free and easy. It is important to know that the overall prognosis of dental implants in India is much better than any other nation or procedure. Flossing, good cleaning and avoiding the intake of liquor and smoking can further increase the longevity of the dental implants.

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