Gastric Ballooning

Gastric Ballooning

Gastric Balloon is one of the most popular options for weight loss among those who do not want to undergo the knife. In other words, those who do not want to get weight loss surgery done can consider undergoing this procedure. a large number of foreigners travel to India to undergo this procedure. Low cost yet quality care and world-class facilities make Indian medical tourism popular among many patients seeking medical treatment. India is home to some of the best bariatric surgeons who have expertise in performing this procedure. patients who are either averse or afraid to weight loss surgery of any kind, however, want to reduce weight, can count on this option.

Gastric Balloon, also known as Intra Gastric Balloon, is a non-invasive procedure for treating the problem of obesity. In this procedure, a balloon is placed inside the stomach for reducing food intake and hunger, thus resulting in weight loss. It is a simple procedure in which a soft balloon made of pliable silicone is inserted in its deflated, smallest form. The balloon is filled with sterile saline water with an attached catheter once it reaches the belly.

Who is the right candidate for Gastric Balloon procedure?

You might be the right candidate for this procedure if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is more than thirty or forty percent of your ideal weight, you do not want to undergo a surgical procedure, and want to have a temporary solution for changing your lifestyle and eating habits, do not suffer from type II diabetes, ready to accept implant in the stomach for short span and have no problem related to heartburn.

How does the Gastric Ballooning procedure work?

It is a minimally invasive treatment technique for performing weight loss procedure. in this procedure, the surgeon places a sterile synthetic apparatus, similar to a balloon, inside the belly. The surgery is performed by inserting the deflated balloon through the oral cavity, passing from the food pipe that goes into the stomach. The surgeon insert or places an endoscopic camera in the belly for checking the abnormalities before placing the balloon in the stomach. Once the balloon is positioned inside the stomach cavity, it is gradually filled with a saline solution for increasing its volume, through a tiny tube attached to it. The moment the balloon is filled, the surgeon would remove the attached tube leaving the balloon in the stomach cavity.

The entire procedure is performed by a team of highly qualified, experienced and trained bariatric surgeons, anesthetists, gastroenterologist and operating nurses who are well-versed with Gastric Balloon procedure. the entire duration of the surgery lasts for nearly thirty minutes to an hour. The patient is kept for monitoring for a couple of hours to check for any sign of rejections or complications.

For how long is the gastric balloon inserted inside the belly?

The gastric balloon is made of an organic-friendly and sterile material that can be placed inside the stomach for six months. If it has to be placed inside the stomach for more than six months then the surgeon would replace the existing balloon with a fresh one. The balloon is removed by placing a catheter inside the belly through the mouth. The surgeon makes use of an endoscopic camera for visual aid and uses the catheter device for puncturing and deflating the balloon. Once the balloon is completely emptied of the saline solution, the surgeon grasps and removes the deflated balloon using the catheter.

Results of the Gastric Balloon Procedure

The results of the procedure are satisfactory with people being able to reduce nearly fifteen to twenty-five kg. It depends on the adherence level and the diet – small portions of meals and the diet you take. Weight loss after the procedure usually depends on the level of exercise and diet changes. A patient can lose nearly fifty percent or more of the excess body weight.


When it comes to recovery after the procedure, it is quick and you can go back home the same day after the procedure. in some cases, patients have to spend a night or two at the hospital. In most cases, patients can tolerate the balloon. Only a few feel discomfort, nausea, and uneasiness for the initial few days after the surgery that could be controlled with medications. you can get back to normal activities within a week or ten days after gastric balloon surgery.

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