Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement in India has emerged as one of the most sought after plastic surgery procedures among those seeking an international standard of care. At Medtours4health, we have on our panel some of the leading and renowned orthopedic surgeons of the country. Equipped with the most advanced and latest medical technology, the hospitals in India provide the best care at the affordable cost.

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which a surgeon removes a painful hip joint with arthritis and replaces the same with an artificial joint. These artificial joints are made from plastic or metal components. It is the last resort when all other treatment options have failed to provide much-needed respite. The results of the procedure are satisfying as it becomes easy to walk after the surgery.


The entire surgical procedure involves replacing the worn or damaged hip joint. In some cases, the condition occurs because of arthritis or an injury with artificial hip implants or parts call prosthesis. The prosthesis substitutes for the hip joint allowing frictionless or smooth movement. The main objective of the hip replacement procedure is to relieve pain and the function and mobility of a damaged hip joint.

The procedure is also suggested as the golden standard for hip arthritis in patients who have crossed 65 years of age and with patients with advanced hip destruction of the anatomy.

In this procedure, an incision is made along the side of the hip. The upper end of the thigh bone that is round in shape is cut followed by replacement with the implant’s components. It might be stabilized with or without cement. The surface of the hip joint that has to be placed with the ball component, damaged because of arthritis, is made smooth and even by the surgeon so that the new metal part can be joined properly. The new socket and ball of the joint are then joined.

Expected Results

The hip replacement surgery has a success rate of above ninety percent. The patient feels great respite In pain after the procedure and feels an increased motion range. As a matter of fact, a patient might be able to ride a bike, swim or walk, or play golf after some time.


You have to stay at the hospital for nearly four to five days after hip replacement surgery. You will feel discomfort and pain for about three to four days that can be controlled with medications. you would be asked by the surgeon to cough frequently and breathe deeply to prevent clot formation and avoid lung congestion.

You will be asked to walk the very same and the next day post-surgery with the assistance of a walker. Rehabilitation would also soon begin after the surgery for strengthening the hip joint muscles and for restoring movement for walking and other regular normal daily work and activities.

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