Medical Tourism

Staying fit and healthy is not at all an easy aspect of life, especially in this day and age. More and more people are visiting India seeking the finest and the best treatment for several health conditions. In recent times, India has emerged as the most popular country among foreign patients who want to get rid of health problems. it is one country that has evolved over the period rendering patients the best healthcare at the most affordable cost. The right blend of quality care, best of the surgeons and doctors, world-class standard facilities and comfortable stay make India the world’s best medical tourism destination.

Here are a few factors that add to the popularity of Indian medical tourism.

Immediate treatment, no unnecessary waiting

It is yet another reason that makes India the topmost choice among foreign patients. They do not have to wait in long queues as against in their home countries. Indian doctors and surgeons provide immediate treatment and attention rather than asking them to wait for weeks or months. Also, the medical tourism company like ours provide them round the clock assistance to make their stay in India comfortable.

Affordable cost of treatment

It is the main reason that a large number of foreign patients throng India every year. When it comes to medical cost in India, it is just one-tenth of the costs in western nations. For example, a total knee replacement surgery costs nearly $3000 to $4000 in India as against $18000 to $20000 in the western country.

Return home relaxed and rejuvenated

When foreign patients choose to undergo treatment in India, they often choose to combine their stay with vacation. You can explore some of the tourist destinations before leaving for the native country.

Medical doctors providing international standards of treatment

Low-cost treatment does not mean any kind of compromise on the quality of care. In fact, private hospitals and doctors in the country are known to offer international standards of quality healthcare services. Well-equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, latest technology, and diagnostic centers, Indian hospital provide excellent care that is on par with the treatment done anywhere else in the world.

Government support

With the Indian Government declaring treatment of foreign patients legal, it has now become all the more easy for them to get rid of health issues. This has encouraged medical tourism in the country by offering tax leverage in the treatment. Getting medical visas is also easy now.

Get attractive package deals

International patients can be assured to get the most attractive packages including accommodation, transfers and post-operative care, among many other perks. The deals can also be customized making it all the more feasible for you.

Choose from a range of healthcare treatments

Irrespective of what your health problem is, India is one country that offers the best treatment. You can get the best treatment of all branches of medicine – be it orthopedic, dental or cosmetic. Also, you can compare different doctors and surgeons before making any decision.

Our Mission

  • We are a doctor-led patient-first medical company committed to providing quality service at a cost-effective price with transparent policy.
  • We comply with a completely transparent policy that is highly acclaimed and appreciated by our foreign patients.
  • We understand and respect the privacy and trust of our patients. Also, there are hidden charges. We are not engaged in any kind of illegal activity like sharing of patient information to the third party.
  • All our doctors and hospitals are registered and NABL accredited thus indicating the professional standards we adhere to.
  • High professional and ethical standards have helped us carve out a niche and put us in the most preferred medical tourism company in India. It is our work ethics and professional standards that give us an edge over others.
  • We strictly adhere to the legal policies related to the visa and other legal issues. We maintain clean processing during visa applications.
  • We maintain the confidentiality of clients’ information including personal details. We do not share their details with the third parties or anyone else without their consent.
  • We strive to offer affordable medical travel with the best results.

So, if you are seeking medical treatment for cosmetic, orthopedic or dental procedures then we can help you.

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