Upper Body Lift

The desire to look attractive and beautiful is synonymous to each one of us. With the advancement in the medical world, especially plastic surgery field, it has now become possible to achieve the desired look. For those who are not happy with their upper body can now choose to undergo upper lift and achieve looks that can give you a new body.

Upper body lift is one of the most preferred and popular plastic surgery procedures among those who are looking forward to achieving a sensuous body. It consists of either one or combination of several plastic surgery procedures, including a breast lift or gynecomastia, an upper arm lift for removing fat rolls along the back. Sagging and loose skin consequential to significant weight loss or after liposuction is removed for creating a smoother or tighter contour, enhancing your overall profile and paving way for new life and increased self-confidence. An upper body lift might also be part of a mommy makeover plastic surgery procedure.

When is the right time to consider an upper body lift procedure

  • You are discouraged by loose skin present around your waist, chest or arms.
  • You have recently undergone dramatic weight loss either through bariatric surgery or natural means.
  • You have rolls of fat around the lower back edges
  • You have excess deposits of sagging skin after pregnancy


Here is a quick glance into an upper body lift procedure.

Patients who choose to undergo an upper body lift surgery should be aware of the entire procedure. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The entire procedure would depend on the procedures you choose to undergo.

Upper Arm Lift

People who are considering an upper arm lift procedure might want to get rid of fat deposits from their arms. Medically known as Brachioplasty, the procedure can help in getting better-shaped arms. If you want to reduce the presence of loose skin on your arms, the surgeon would make an incision along the back of the arm or below the armpit. For patients who have undergone massive weight loss, there is a possibility that the incision would run from the elbow and to the armpit and maybe extend along toward the back and the upper chest wall. Then the excess skin would be removed through this incision.

Breast Lift

If you are considering undergoing a breast lift, your chosen cosmetic surgeon would make three incisions - one extending from the areola’s bottom edge down to the crease of the breast (the inframammary fold), one around the areola and the final incision beneath the breast following its natural curve and crease. The plastic surgeon would then eliminate the excess skin and relocate the areola and the nipple, however, your surgeon might forego one or more of these incisions, on the basis of the contours and shape of your chest. For men, the surgeon would perform gynecomastia surgery.

Back Lift

There are many people who want to get rid of fat deposits from their upper, lower or middle back. In this case, the surgeon would make incisions on both sides of the midback, where the folds used to be, or near the bra line in case of women. The excess skin would then be removed from the area followed by the closure of the incisions with tape, absorbable sutures, or glue.


When it comes to the recovery from an upper-body lift procedure, you have to spend nearly three to five days in the hospital for monitoring of your lung and heart functions and check for complications. You have to wear compression for the next few days to reduce bleeding and swelling. Drain tubes would be placed for one to two weeks post-surgery. Despite the discomfort and pain, you should try to walk the very same evening of the surgery. It will take nearly five to six weeks to resume normal activities. Avoid strenuous activities as advised by the surgeon.


It will take a few days to witness the results of this procedure. By following regular exercise and diet routine and maintaining weight, you can be assured of having long-lasting results.

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